Ultimate Payment Solution

UniPay is your ultimate payment solution because it’s available your way. There’s a licensing and a pricing option that’s right for you. But exactly what options are available? And which version is best for your company? We have the details you need to understand our abundant range of offerings.

Consider these questions:
Do you want to self-host an open source version of our payment gateway software? Would you prefer to use a hosted version offered through one of our partners?

If you choose to self-host, would you like to license the open source code? Would you prefer the stable but closed-source turnkey binary version? And do you have an existing PCI compliant environment where the product can reside?

Once we know your issues, desires and limitations, we can provide a formal quote that will provide you the payment gateway software you need in the way you want it — for the best possible price. You’ll find that we offer a wide array of bank and processor integrations out of the box, and if needed we can add new integrations quickly and economically.

Licensed Options

When you choose to license our payment gateway solution in binary form, you get a complete solution, which can be customized to your specs by our professional services team. If you move up to a source code license, you can make changes as you need them using either our team or your internal development resources.

With a licensed option, there are no per-transaction costs. This option is more expensive upfront than a hosted option, of course, and you’ll have to maintain your own server. But this version is recommended for enterprise merchants and payment service providers — and any company that plans to run a high volume of transactions and needs full control over payment management processes.

Hosted Options

To get started more economically and with little effort, begin with a hosted payment gateway solution from a third-party provider. There’s no upfront license fee, no need for a PCI-compliant environment and no maintenance or infrastructure costs. But you’ll have to pay either per-transaction fees or opt for a fixed monthly subscription fee. Your control over the hosted environment will be somewhat limited, but you could be up and running on your dedicated instance within just a few days.

This is a great way to get access to the UniPay payment gateway if you are a small merchant or can’t handle much upfront cost.

A White Label Gateway Is Available

UniPay payment gateway software can also be white-labeled, allowing you to pass this impressive technology to your merchant clients with no name — or with your own name attached instead of ours.

When you choose a white-labeled version, you can become a complete credit card processing solution for your clients and they don’t need to know that we’re involved. That allows you to provide your clients a seamless experience under one brand name.

Get Started Now

Simply put, there’s a payment gateway solution that’s right for you when you choose to handle your credit card transactions and more through UniPay payment gateway software.

Contact us now for details on how you can see a free demonstration of our product and learn more. We look forward to helping you explore what UniPay can do for you.