Payment Software Questions

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about UniPay payment software. Just contact us for the information you need. But perhaps we can answer a few of your payment software questions right here and now.

Our desire is for you to completely understand this payment software and how it can benefit you. We think businesspeople like you will clearly see the benefits of UniPay payment solution once you fully understand it.

Can I change the software to meet my needs? Is it truly open source?

Yes, UniPay is available as an open source commercial product. When you select the open source option, you get every line of code for the application — and you can change it in whatever ways are necessary to meet your internal needs. This is a commercial product, however, so redistribution of the source code is prohibited.

I need acquirer or bank integrations that aren’t available now. Can I order them from you?

Absolutely. We offer support services that include everything from basic production support to dedicated developers at reasonable rates and can create any features or integrations that you need to make UniPay gateway the complete payment software you need. But if you haven’t explored our integrations yet, you may be surprised how many choices we already support.

Do you offer a hosted version of the payment software?

Yes, we do, and the hosted version of UniPay payment gateway is a great way to get started. Then, you can move up to a licensed version later. In fact, you can license the binary version and then later move up to the editable source code version. We make moving from one option to another easy, so don’t worry that you’ll be locked into a version just because you start there.

Are commercial libraries used as part of this payment gateway software?

No. We are a fully open-source product of our own and do not utilize any closed-source, commercial products as part of the UniPay payment gateway. Everything is completely open source, including middleware used for the deployment. You may choose to use commercial middleware application servers and databases for deployment, however, if you choose. But we provide a full package that does not rely on ISOBridge, /n software connectors or similar types of middleware products.

Is a free community version of this payment software available?

No, but we aren’t against the idea of offering a free version of this open source payment product for educational or non-profit organizations or other community-oriented uses. If you are interested in a community version of the UniPay gateway product, please contact us for more information about how we can make this a reality for you. It’s something we may be able to arrange.

Do you have other payment software questions? Do you need more information about this payment software? We’re here to help. We understand that these few questions may only scratch the surface of your concerns, and we want you to make a well-informed decision.

For additional answers or to schedule a free demonstration, contact us now.