Payment Software Features

If your company needs a complete payment software solution that has all the features you need, we have solutions for you. With both a licensed and a hosted version of UniPay payment gateway software and options within each version, we can meet your needs in a way and for a price you can afford. Make changes to the software, pay per transaction or pay a monthly subscription fee. See the Payment Gateway Solution page for complete information on your choices.

For the payment software features you need, you can depend on us. Our advanced payment software features are, in fact, what separate us from other solutions that just aren’t good enough. Our high-level features include:

Payment Transactions Processing

UniPay payment gateway software includes a full suite of features related to the processing of credit cards, echecks and returns handling. These include:

  • Real-time credit card and echeck processing
  • ACH returns and chargeback support
  • Batch bill payment and recurring batch payments
  • Merchant on-boarding and processing configuration
  • Automated decline recovery with card account updater
  • Virtual terminal to use in conjunction with interface tools

Remittance and Residual Revenue Processing

UniPay payment gateway software also provides an array of essential features related to merchant account statements, merchant fees and residual sharing calculations for partners and resellers. These include:

  • Built-in support for a variety of merchant fee structures
  • Automated creation of merchant statements
  • Support for multiple tier and reseller commission structures and revenue sharing models
  • Automated ACH merchant and reseller funding
  • Useful tools for reviewing, approving and adjusting statements

Recurring Billing and Subscription Management

UniPay also offers payment gateway features related to recurring payments and the tools that are necessary for original party and third-party collections. These include:

  • Customer subscriptions and schedules management through API and SDK
  • An adaptable recurring bulling engine with support for weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual scheduling
  • Support for both committed and uncommitted agreements
  • Skip tracing and credit bureau reporting
  • Automated balance aging with application of late and decline fees
  • Email and snail mail notifications
  • A brandable self-service online payment portal for customers

And this is not a complete list of UniPay payment software features. In fact, customization from your end or ours can make this product into nearly anything you need it to be. UniPay is your completely flexible, completely adaptable payment gateway software and offers an unmatched array of features you can’t get anywhere else.

If your organization could benefit from these features and others that are in the top of their class, it’s time to switch to UniPay. You can look at other payment gateway software options, but you won’t find the same level of versatility, integration and ease of use from any other product.

If you’re not already convinced, contact us now and let us convince you. All you have to do to get started is get in touch for your demonstration. We’ll focus on the features that matter most to you and tell you how our payment software features can be adapted to your needs.