Advanced Terminal Solution Features

  • Customized advertisement content. If a terminal is able to display slides or videos on its screen while no operations are performed, it can be used for targeted marketing. Such an ability represents an additional useful feature of a payment terminal solution, as the ads can be targeted at particular customers, depending on their needs.

  • Terminal management system. Terminal management system (TMS) fulfils many important tasks when an embedded payment terminal solution is used. The tasks include remote configuration and updates (in case of a non-embedded solution these tasks are performed, and any other changes are introduced from the workstation using a so-called local footprint application).

  • Support of surcharges and donations. Sometimes before a payment is processed it might be handy to be able to handle such add-ons to the main transaction as surcharges or donations. Handling of surcharges and acceptance of donations might be a beneficial terminal application feature in the context of your business model.

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