Advanced Payment Gateway Selection Criteria

  • Is the level of technical support high enough? Does technical support offered by your potential payment gateway partner fit your business model? For example, you might want technical support to be available by phone. Check, if technical support will involve additional expenses, and if the service is available during your opening hours.

  • What types of payments can be accepted? Majority of gateways accept Visa and MasterCard. American Express and Discover are, generally, handled by most payment gateways as well. Still, if you are interested in accepting PayPal, Apple Pay, and other kinds of payments, it is worth checking if it is possible to deal with respective payment types.

  • Can your payment gateway partner handle recurring and automatic payments? Is your business targeted at subscription-based payments and recurring billing? If the answer is “yes”, remember, that payment gateways do not always allow you to store cardholder data for recurring payments.

  • Does your potential gateway provider offer hosted payment pages? Have you got a sales web-site? Where are your customers directed to? Is it a secure payment page on the web-site of your payment gateway partner, or are you expected to have a payment page of your own? Keep in mind, that it is much easier for you to follow payment card industry requirements, if your gateway partner supports hosted payment pages.

  • Is the gateway capable of integration with your current system and potential add-ons? If you have shopping card and billing software already in place, then the gateway needs to suit with this software and its potential extensions. If it doesn’t, get ready for labor-intensive, time-consuming, and expensive adjustments.

At Payment Gateway Software you will always get a competent advice and consultation, when the time comes for payment gateway selection. Contact us, and our experts will guide you through payment gateway selection process, and introduce you to the best gateway solutions you can find.